Monday, January 31, 2011

Patience Tank Going on Empty

I didn't realize how much writing on this blog has actually helped me out.  The past couple of days it seemed like there wasn't really any mommy time.  And boy, I tell you my body noticed the difference. I caught myself clenching my jaw. My shoulders are tight with tons of knots all over.  I can feel like there's a BIG sigh that needs to be let loose.

It's a combination of things. My little girl has been having a bit of trouble staying asleep these past few days. She's been waking up every few hours and to top that she's also having night terrors.  In a previous post I wrote a little bit about them.  The result of the terrors is that it leaves me with hardly any block of sleep so every day I'm basically a walking zombie.

She's also become a picky eater. The food she used to gooble up doesn't even get a second glance.  Blueberries, oatmeal, yogurt, etc. Now I'm trying to get as creative as I can to find things that she'll eat. I've even tried using dicing vegetables and meat to mix into the rice and noodles that she will eat. Yea, I know its a phase that most toddlers go through.  I'm still looking out for my little girl. I wanna make sure she gets the right nutrition she needs to grow up and make a big brain.

Now what to do about it? I could scream, whine, moan and complain. Naw, I'm a fighter. Even if I'm so tired that I'm looking at things cross-eyed. Imma still going to fight for my baby girl 'cause that's what mommies do.  Go team Mommy!

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  1. Hi I am your newest follower from MBC!! I love your blog!! I can relate so much with how my 10 month daughter is. I get no sleep still and she is impossible to feed- once I find something I stick to it until she refuses that! Anyway would love for you to stop by my blog and return the follow! Cant wait to read more from you!


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