Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking Advantage of the Sunshine

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest sunny days are few and far in between.  So when the sun shines I try to make as much use of it as I can.  Today was absolutely beautiful!  There were clear blue skies that you find after a good rain storm.

We started the day early with breakfast and people watching at the local Starbucks.  With a full tummy, my baby "dare devil" took her like trike for a spin warning off other drivers with her Dora the Explorer bell.

After lunch we got in kicking the ball around, making chalk master pieces on the drive way and monkeying around at the playground.  I would have thought that would have tired her out. No such luck, she's still a ball of energy.  How did you enjoy the day?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Craft Time

It's Sunday Fun Day in our house hold.  The sun is shining from last night's rain storm but everything is too wet to play at the park.  So it's arts and crafts time and maybe we'll go biking later on today.  Right now she's painting mommy and daddy a picture.  The only color she wants to use is purple so I'm curious what story she'll come up with.  What are you doing for your Sunday Fun Day?

*I'd like to thank the person who invented washable paint.  My walls and carpet thank you!!!*

Happy toddler!

Apparently this is a picture of mommy, daddy, Izzy and Oscar

Counting Down

Another stretch of time away from blogging.  At this point I wouldn't be surprised if I have no followers out there.  When it comes to choosing between spending the precious short time with all my family home or sitting at the computer, this mommy and wifey chooses family.  We were surprised that hubby's time at home was extended as long as it was.  My three year old has been fully using every moment of daddy's time.

From the moment she wakes to the moment she closes her eyes for the day she asks for him and wants to play only with daddy.  I love watching them cuddle on the couch together or giggling in her daddy's arms.  I can't help but smile with how close they are.  In the back of my mind I know that the big "D" slowly approaches and there's nothing I can do to stop it.  

That's right, we're a military family and that means the big deployment is on its way.  I know this time will be oh so much worse.  Izzy understands so much more than the last time daddy was away.  I can for see screaming and crying in my future.  Until then, I'm going to enjoy every moment my hubby is home with us.  Until next blog, "peace out!" 
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