Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've really been enjoying my bike rides with Izzy. My hubby bought a Burley Encore Bike Trailer to attach to my bike. Izzy loves going for a "ride" and will wait by the trailer patiently while I put on her helmet. I've been taking her around the neighborhood at least three times a week. When I first started I could tell how out of shape I was.

I had to shift down the gears and coast as much as possible and even then I was huffing and puffing. The sad part was that I was just doing laps around the neighborhood. Now I am able to bike to a distant park that I would have driven to before and I can pedal the entire way. I've been pushing myself by adding to the resistance while I pedal too. It works out that we've been waking up earlier so we can fit in a ride to the park after breakfast, play for an hour and head back before the temperatures get too high.

My next goal is to bike to Santee Lakes from our house. There is a playground and a water area that I want to bring her too. The only thing that has kept me from going so far is the distance and the traffic. I've been lucky going to Mast Park since I can can inner roads most of the way there. I can notice a difference since I've been biking with her. I'm more motivated to go outdoors and door activities with her.

This is a great way to start getting active with your little one. After having a baby it's hard to find time sans baby to work out. So why not bring the baby along? During ride I point things out to her and try to make it as interactive as it can be. What have you done to try to get back in shape?

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