Guest Bloggers

Mama Tales is now looking for bloggers (and non-bloggers) who would like to write a guest post for Mama Tales!  If you are interested please contact Maryann at 

Mama Tales is a blog focused around the adventurous of motherhood and parenting.  I welcome posts about motherhood, fatherhood, parenting, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, formula feeding, eating solids, babies, children, infants, activities, schooling and everything in between.  Please share your good and bad experiences with us.

Mama Tales reserves the right to edit where necessary.  All post will be credited to the writer, provided a blurb (if requested) and a link back to the blogger's site (if applicable).  Please send your topics as well as the approximate length of the article to

Mama Tales is also looking for opportunities to be a guest blogger and/or exchanging guest posts with other bloggers.  Thank you.
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