About Me

I'm a mother to a toddler with a BIG personality, pregnant with my second child and a navy wife.  I was a SAHM now I'm balancing life as a working mom to a toddler.  Blogging about toddler antics, motherhood, product reviews, photography, breastfeeding, baby wearing, VBAC hopeful and my journey learning the ins and outs of parenting.  It also does wonders for my sanity.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures at Mama Tales.  Thank you for stopping by!

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Little Tidbits:
I'm a military spouse to a navy man.
I'm a mother to a toddler that has started repeating my corrections back to me, with conviction.

I breastfed, baby wore, co-slept and lean toward the attachment style of parenting.
I planned for a vaginal birth with minimal interventions and ended up with a c-section.
I am a VBAC hopeful.

I'm allergic to coconut and I only recently learned of one other person with the same allergy.
I love to read books over and over again.  My collection no longer fits the wall sized book case.  I have since converted to Kindle and I LOVE it.

My guilty pleasures: Korean drama, Kindle, blogging, and twitter.

I have a passion for photography even though I'm still learning the basics.
I started photography to take better photos of my daughter and it's turned in to so much more.
I hope to one day take photos professionally on the side.

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