Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Trouble Maker

As I'm cleaning up after dinner I hear my daughter saying "wow wow" to herself. When I look down I see that she figured out how to swing herself on the countertop. Hope you enjoy the video.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Very Own House

I absolutely love having a little girl.  Even at the tender age of 21 months I can already see that she's going to grow up to be a girlie girl.  She loves having her hair done by mommy and will sit patiently passing me the curlers to put in her hair.  She love wearing pretty dresses and helping mommy pick out her outfit for the day with a matching purse and shoes.  Sometimes I wonder where she gets it since I was more of a tomboy growing up then a girlie girl.  I get to relive that through her so it's been so rewarding for me too.

She starting to get into imaginative play with the toy kitchen and play food so I just got her first play house.  It was the best buy we've had in recently that I think was well worth the money.  It's made of heavy duty cardboard and it's HUGE.  The measurements are 55"L x 36"W x 49"H - measures 14 square feet.  If you look at the picture the top of the house is taller then half the door to the right of the picture.  It's called My Very Own House which we got off of Amazon for a little over $30.  It's big enough to fit her toy kitchen and a toddler table and chair set inside.  I'm able to sit in there and play with her while our dog is in there too.  The majority of the reviews were positive while the few negative were complaining about the price considering it's made of cardboard.

I personally think that the size, the durability and the potential is well worth the $30.  Izzy is only 21 months so she's pretty hard on toys and so far it's held up to her.  She loves going in and out of the door waving "bye".  She jumps on the pillow I put inside to peek out of the windows.  I can see her playing with it until it falls apart and I know we'll get another one to replace it.  Why spend $70+ on a plastic house when this one will give your child much more.  It's affordable and it gives them a creative outlet and can be folded away to store. They can color the pictures outside or make they're own pictures on the inside of the house.  It comes with 8 markers but I got an additional pack of markers for more color choices. 

I colored a few of the outside pictures for her but I can see this as a place that will be "ok" for her to color without worrying too much about my walls and other furniture.  Even as she grows older this would be a great addition.  I read in some of the reviews on Amazon that one mom used it for her daughters birthday and it withstood nine 4-5 year old girls playhouse and coloring during the entire party.  What a great idea!

If you have the space I would also suggest that you use packing tape on all the corners and tabs to reinforce the stability.  I also plan to find a piece of cardboard to tape the house down to to make a floor.  I think it's well worth the money.  Just keep in mind that it is made out of cardboard and will eventually fall apart. I love love this house!
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