Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bad Words

It seems that I find myself surprised with all the milestones my little three year old makes every day.  She grasps concepts I thought were too complex for her age.  Recently she showed me that she knows some bad phrases and understands how to use them in the correct context. Yesterday I scolded her for kicking my chair and overheard her say "Jesus Christ".  After letting her know that isn't something nice to say she waited a few minutes and whispered it to herself.

On one hand it was frustrating to deal with correcting her bad language.  On the other i was proud that she was able to use the phrase in the right context.  Mind you, it's not something i want to hear again.  I know kids her age repeat words they hear, but do they understand context at this age too?

At what age did your child begin using phrases in the correct context?  Was it ones you didn't want to repeated? 

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