Monday, August 12, 2013

Toddler with a 'Tude

Any mom to a toddler can tell you that everyday can be a challenge dealing with their ever changing emotions from happy to screaming bloody murder at some real or imagined slight.  This toddler mom feels like mommy of the year some days and most other days feels like nothing works.  What I want to know is if this new personality I'm dealing with has to do with following a bad example or just part of the growing pains.

She's been giving me sass lately and ignoring me when I tell her to do something.  I'm talking about standing there with her hands on her hips, rolling her eyes up in her head and giving me a flippant remark.  Yesterday, she tried talking back to me and complained the entire time she was in time out.  Even though she knew the more she talked back the longer her time out would be.  She ended up falling asleep on the couch and finally giving mommy a hour break.

I'm feeling at a loss here on how to proceed.  The new baby is coming and the short time I currently have to spend with her will mostly be taken up with the new baby.  I don't want her behavior to get to the point of no return.  Yet, what I'm doing to correct it only seems like a temporary band aid.  I just wish I knew if this acting out is a normal process for 3 almost 4 year olds.  Is it due to following another child's bad behavior or even acting out from the upcoming baby?  If only children came with manuals most of my hair would still be black and not grey.  What do you think readers?  Have you gone through this with your child?  Did you link it to something specific like baby #2 or a bad example?  What worked for you at home?

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