Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"I Miss my Daddy"

My husband is on the big "D".  So I've been the mommy and the daddy for the past six months.  All military families deal with this, it might not be the lifestyle we choose but it's a lifestyle we learn to deal with.  My almost 4 y/o has been doing pretty good so far.  We have been able to hear her daddy's voice every once in a while and she understood that her daddy was working on his ship.  The past week has been extremely difficult for both of us.  She's been telling me every night before we close our eyes for the day "I miss my daddy.  I want daddy to go home."  The past three nights she's been crying herself to sleep telling me "I want my daddy. I don't like his ship anymore. I want daddy to go home."

 At anytime before he was selected for chief I had the open of calling his department so he could talk to her for a few minutes.  No, I'm not one of those wives that call all the time or even on a frequent basis.  However, I was fortunate enough to have a hubby work in a field that has access to phone, if I really need to get a hold him.  It helped keep most of the meltdowns at bay and I credit that to how long she's been okay with the big "D".

Now that he's busy with chief training we haven't really had many conversations with him due to his schedule.  I think that combined with the length of time he's been gone has taken its toil on my toddler.  I could see signs that she needed her dad even before this past week.  She would cling to my brother in law, our baby sitter's husband and the other day she hugged the delivery guys leg.  (That freaked me out!)

Last night she was finally able to hear his voice.  She took over the phone and told him all about her day, all her little owies and how much she missed him.  It didn't take much just the sound of his voice.  I don't doubt it was hard for him to hear her whisper "I miss you daddy. I love you daddy. Can you come home and play with me?"  I was certainly tearing up hearing their conversation.  Now we're just counting down the days.  Are you a military wife?  How do you deal with long separations?

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