Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Unthinkable

I met a man the other day and had a chance to hear his story.  Those of you close to Everett, WA might have the heard the news story of a man and three children hit by a car on the corner of Broadway and Everett.  Reading or watching stories like that are shocking but impersonal.  We feel empathy for those families but we may think "that won't happen to me."

I had the opportunity hear this man's first view account of what happened that day.  He never once bragged or called himself a hero.  He told me that he was just walking down the street with his niece, nephew and son when he saw out of the corner of his eye a car make a u-turn and head straight for him.  He didn't know how but he had the time to throw three middle school aged children out of the way of the on-coming car. He took the brunt of the impact and dragged under the car.  Some how his injuries were minor.  He knew that if one of the children went through what he did, they wouldn't still be here.  He was told me over and over how blessed he was to have the quick reaction to save three of his own.

As a mother I couldn't help but think about my own daughter.  He is a big guy but I can't imagine the inner strength he would have had to pull on to throw the weight of three children out of the way in time.  I'd like to believe someone was looking down on him from above to help him react in time and prevent what could have been more serious or even fatal injuries.  It was touching that he had no anger, hatred or ill will towards the driver.  He sincerely was thankful it wasn't more serious.

I hope and pray if the unthinkable happens to my family I'll be able to think as clearly and quickly as he did.  What are your thoughts?

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