Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Coming

It's coming to an end! My time working and living dual roles as a mother and a father is ending today! My husband's ship is coming home and we get to see his face. We get to hug him, touch him and to love him in person.

My toddler is not even three and these past few months was the first time she's been apart from her daddy for this long. I was worried how she would handle it. I didn't want her to forget him or his face. I don't know how other moms handled it but I talked about daddy a lot. She watched videos of the two of them together, over and over. When she missed her daddy she would hold and tell her "problems" to her daddy doll.

I'm getting more excited writing this blog. My hubby's coming home!!! Here's to all the other military wives out there!

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