Saturday, September 17, 2011

Izzy's Bday - Part 2

I finally have a moment to finish blogging about Izzy's bday.  The party was themed after her favorite character, Dora a Explorer.  We had Dora plates, napkins, table covers, a wall sized poster, party favors, and Dora episodes playing in the background.  I am sure this won't be our only character themed party in the future but it was cute having one for the first time.  One of Izzy's godparents, Cindy does professional baking on the side and she's made some amazing cakes and cupcakes.  I was so happy that she agreed to make some for Izzy's birthday and I couldn't wait to see what she came up with.  They turned out great!  So many of my family members asked where we got the cupcakes from.  She had the characters Dora, the backpack and the map on chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

As the guests started arriving initially she was a little shy but started warming up to all the kids there.  Her cousins Nate, Andrew and Abby showed up as well as her buddies Piper and Keeley.   I just love how Piper runs up and kisses Izzy every time she sees her.  Piper was even giving Maddie lots of hugs too!  She also made some new friends, Maddie, Miles and Jayden.  I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I would have liked but I'm happy that Izzy had so much fun.  Every time I looked over she was smiling and laughing with the other kids or sharing special moments with her grandma.

It was funny watching her eat her birthday cupcake.  I hardly give her sweets like this at home and after the first bite she was shoveling cupcake into her mouth with both hands.  She had crumbs all over her face and dress but she was a happy camper that's for sure!  When it came time for the gifts it took her a little bit to get over being the center of attention for 25+ people but she soon figured out all the bright packages where for her.  My funny little girl wanted to try on every outfit and would hold out her arms for each dress.

All in all I think the party was a success!  Thank you to all our friends and family for sharing our special day with us.  Happy second birthday to my little girl!

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