Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finding " Me" Again

A guest post by Laura, a fellow team mate on Team Insane Xers.  Team Insane Xers is a support group for BeachBody programs like Insanity and is lead by our coach Heather Foltz.  Laura is here to share her fitness story and to show other moms that it CAN be done.

My name is Laura, and I’m a mother of three teenage boys, one in college, one in high school, and one in middle school.  I was always the little one of all my friends, short and petite.  “Little Laura” was my nickname.  Then once I had my boys, I just really put on the weight.  I went from 107 pounds to 165 pounds at my heaviest.  All of a sudden, I was this fat girl.  I was tired of being heavy and feeling ugly.  I didn’t enjoy shopping for clothes or going out because I didn’t like how I looked in anything.  I hid from the camera on holidays and during family vacations. 

I decided this last Christmas, after my husband bought me my new Weight Watchers scale, that this year was going to be the year I found myself again.  I decided I need to really focus and stay true to my goals and not let people discourage me or become “diet saboteurs.” 

I had the Power 90 and P90X program from BeachBody, and I had started both of them in the past, but hadn’t completed them.  So I joined Weight Watchers at work, and I started with Power 90.  The weight began to fall off, and after three months, I’d lost about 20 pounds, and I was really starting to feel good.

This is always where the diet saboteurs come into play.  Most of the people I work with had never seen the real me.  They had no idea how tiny I really am.  The kept telling me, “You need to stop losing weight.  You look fine.  You’re getting too skinny.”   This time, I didn't listen.   I knew what I wanted to look like in a bikini, and I wasn't going to let anyone deter me.

I started P90X in July, and I’m on my 57th day of a 90-day program, and I’m about 5-10 pounds away from my goal, or putting it in inches, about 1 more inch to lose from around my waist.  To date, I've lost 42 pounds, 5 inches from my waist, 6 inches from my hips, 4.5 inches around my bust, (oh well), 3 inches around my arms, 4.5 inches from thighs, and I've dropped 6 dress sizes, from a 12 to a 2.  I can’t wait to take my measurements in 4 weeks to see the final result. 

I've met some great people through Heather Foltz, my BeachBody coach.  I love her!!  She’s inspired me to realize that I can do more.  I don’t have to stop here.  I will rock that bikini when I go on my Caribbean cruise this next spring, and I can’t wait!! Heather also encouraged me to try Shakeology, and I’ve seen a significant weight loss and change in my body within the last few weeks since I started drinking Shakeology, which I love!  It’s so delicious, and I love the fact that I’m getting all the important vegetable and fruit servings that I need without having to eat icky veggies.  I have found that I have more energy too, and I really feel good!

It's been a long, slow process. and it hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it!  I'm happy!!  If you're ready for a life change and ready to work hard, join us.  We have a huge group ready to support you and answer your questions  and be there for you.  You won't be disappointed!!  Contact Heather Foltz at her email,


  1. I JUST ordered the P90X - need something to kick my behind and change my exercise rut! I am so excited to hear about this! I can't wait for it to be delivered! I also LOVE that no bulky equipment or huge investment is needed. Thank you for the encouragement!!!!

  2. I'd love it if someone could explain to me what P90X is! I keep reading about it and how great it is, but I don't know WHAT it is!

  3. P90X is a workout program that you can get from Tony Horton leads the workouts, and he's awesome. It's got weight training days and cardio days. It's an all-around, complete body workout, and it's a 90-day program.

    Go to and check it out. And if you have any questions, email Heather at her email address above, or you can also email me, We're both on Facebook also. I'll be done with this 90 days in a little less than four weeks, and I'll be posting before and after photos. I'm excited about it!!

  4. Any type of exercise program is great, just as long as you stick to it. It is 80% diet and the rest is exercise. You'll burn more fat if you do cardio (HIIT). Currently, I took a break because I LOVE my mint chocolate chip ice cream.


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