Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Morning mamas!  If you've been following my blog you've read some of my attempts at getting back into shape post baby.  Back in July I started up with Stroller Strides which is a local group of moms that work out at the park with their babies.  I was only able to stick with it for a few weeks until I injured my knee, BAD!  I gave myself a few weeks off to give my knee time to heal.  Now, I was in the position where I wanted to start up my workout out again with only a few weeks left before I moved.  I didn't want to start and stop during the move for fear that I would loose the determination to continue.  It also left the problem of finding a workout group in near my new house.

For any of you that sneak in late night TV, I know you've seen the Insanity commercials.  After my hubby's 36th birthday he came home with the DVD set and wanted us to get back into shape as a family.  I did my research, read other peoples results and even watched some You Tube videos about it.  He was committed so I felt that this time we'd go all the way.  I also included some other products from BeachBody like the recovery formula and Shakeology.  I just started so I'll be sure to include you in my progress.  What I love right now is that I was paired with a coach and a team to help motivate me.  I even took (shudder) before photos that I have under lock and key that I'll post with my after photos.  Wish my luck mamas!  I'm praying that this one will be "The One"!

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