Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chief Select

I've been a navy wife for the past eight years but I never dived head first into the lifestyle.  I never became involved in military wives groups or committees.  We also never lived within a purely military neighborhood to make and grow friendships with other military families.  This was never a conscious choice on our part but just how things happened to turn out.

I'm extremely proud of my husband  and his accomplishments at work but I've always viewed it as his career just like my own career.  We are supportive of each other and understand the time needed devote to building our careers.  For example, we went into our marriage knowing that his career would take him away from the family for months at a time while my career required time to accomplish.  

This past month we were pleased to learn that my husband was going to be promoted to chief.  Besides an increase in responsibility, pay and training period I didn't realize there was also a different culture attached.  I've already been invited to join in on the chief's wives luncheon and received an email from his sponsor.  I was pleased to be included and a little apprehensive on what to expect.  I didn't think the transition to chief would be that much of a change.

 Although, it looks like there is much more involved that what I initially expected.  The only example I have to go on is from that show "Army Wives".  I know that is a poor, poor unrealistic example to go with but as a said before our family has never been deeply involved in the navy/military lifestyle.  I am hoping this will be a positive change and include future friends for my husband and I as well as our children.  Are there any other chief wives out there?  What was your experience transitioning?  Are you involved in the military lifestyle?  What benefits or complications have you come across as a navy wife?

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