Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who's That Crazy Lady?

Have you ever noticed that you are more willing to do things you wouldn't have been caught dead doing before having kids?  I am so there right now.  Izzy and I were out and about most of the morning.  I had to take her to the pediatrician for a wellness checkup and then run errands afterwards.  Towards the end of our trip we were waiting at the red light around lunch time.  Izzy was getting a little fussy so I broke out singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".  She loves that song and will usually join in with me.  I also get into the hand motions and sway side to side to get her involved in the song without much thought to how I look doing it.

While singing I glanced over to my left and find myself looking straight into the eyes of the passenger in the next car... laughing hysterically.  I didn't think I looked THAT bad but I'm sure I either looked crazy or good for a chuckle.  This guy, however, was laughing hysterically.  I'll admit, I felt a twinge of heat rushing to my cheeks.  After a second I thought WTH.  Izzy's happy again, I avoided a blow up and I made someone else's day better with a laugh.

So if you're driving along minding your own business and just happen to see a woman singing, dancing or generally making a fool of herself.  That woman probably has a child or two in the backseat that she's trying to keep entertained for the remained of the car ride.  So be kind and snicker looking the other way.  Thank you and have a nice day.  That is all.


  1. This brings back good memories. a few years pre-kids, my husband was doing a very funny looking "happy dance" on the way to Six Flags. When we looked at a car to his left there was a 20-something laughing hysterically and telling their driver about it. 10 miles down the freeway we ran into them again, and she was still laughing and imitating his dance. It's one of our favorite memories=)I'm LVML

  2. Ha! That is so something I would do.

    Honestly, having kids is the most humbling experience. I find myself doing things that are totally stupid but they my kids laugh. And those laughs are worth me making an ass of myself.

  3. One of the fun things about having kids is that you can use the swing set or climb on the monkey bars again. Every so often, I do it, and don't even care how it looks. :)

  4. Now see when they'r teenagers and they're misbeaving in the car (yeah the never stopso)You get to bring this back,,,, as a threat.LOL

  5. Thank you for stopping by ladies!

    @Ana Have you done anything new since the kiddos?

    @Nicole So right, getting a giggle out of my daughter makes the funny faces worth it too!

    @Asianmommy Great point! I love having a girl cause I can re-experience playing house and kitchen and all the things I loved as a kid.

    @Lady Bren I LOVE that! I was joking with the hubby about doing something similar like dressing funny or something.

  6. I do find myself rocking out in the car to "little bunny, foo foo" for them, if someone is staring I just wave and continue =)


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