Friday, August 9, 2013


I'm riding on a high today that I just HAVE to share.  I found out today at my OBGYN appointment that I passed the one hour glucose test!  I'm so unbelievably happy that I past the first time around and didn't have to go through the second part of the test.  With my first pregnancy I failed the 1 hour and 3 hour glucose test and was diagnosed with gestation diabetes.

It was a huge wake up call and a major change in life style.  Looking back the care I had with my last OBGYN was amazing.  They took this very seriously and paired me up with specialists to educate me and monitor my progress.  After attending a conference on gestational diabetes I was set up with an educator that tracked my progress.  My task was to track all my intake and pre-meal blood sugars into a log to be reviewed by the educator weekly.  She would then respond with improvements I should make to my meals or activity to improve my blood sugar the following week.

I was also followed by a neonatologist that reviewed the blood sugar/food intake log I sent to the educator and ordered frequent ultrasounds to track my baby's growth.  Even though it was scary and stressful I felt confident that my Dr. was doing everything for the health of my little girl.  So, I couldn't be happier tI don't have to worry about that for this pregnancy.  I still remember all the great education I received and adhere to the diabetic diet more liberally than before.  I'll still be careful not to eat too many over processed foods, sweets and carbohydrates.  Although, starting THAT tomorrow since I celebrated with a meal from Jack N the Box tonight.  ;)  Did you have any concerns during your pregnancy that gave you a wake a call?

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