Thursday, August 8, 2013


In my profession I see all kinds of family dynamics.  Today I saw one that made me appreciate what I have even more considering how close I am to delivery.  After I delivered my first child I was beyond exhausted.  The sleep deprivation those first few weeks made me wonder how I survived.  As a first time mom I thanked my lucky stars that I only had one newborn to care for.  I felt lost and overwhelmed even with the help of my hubby and my mom.

I came across a new mom today that was feeling the same multiplied by two.  The hard thing to see was that her support system was there, JUST to sleep.  They slept through the crying, the screaming and even slept through people talking in the room.  This poor mom didn't sleep more than 1 hour at a time in three days.

Today, I feel so thankful for the family I was born into and the one I've created with my husband.  Has there been a defining moment that made you stop and gives thanks? 

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