Monday, January 23, 2012


What do you always hear about toddlers? I'm sure "terrible twos" and tantrums rate at the top of the list. Sure, that is definitely a part of raising a toddler. My toddler is two, she has tantrums and sometimes she can be terrible.

Why isn't all the great things at the tip of everyone's tongues? I'd rather celebrate how amazing my toddler is. At least that's what helps me deal with the stress when my toddler is a little "terror".

It absolutely amazes me how quickly she learns. She's able to say words, phrases and even sentences that I never realized she was able to do. She's walking, running, climbing, and jumping. She able to successfully tell me what she wants, most of the time. Even in a week I'm able to see amazing differences in my little baby.

Toddlers are a handful. Toddlers can make you pull out your hair and count all the extra grey ones. Toddler moms, let tomorrow be the day we celebrate how amazing our little terrors are.

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