Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here I Come

I start work next week. Woah, that one sentence gave my nerves a little jiggle. I made the decision to be a stay a home mother to my daughter in June of 2010 when she wasn't doing well in day care.

It's been an AMAZING experience to be home to witness her first attempts at crawling, walking, climbing, running, talking, etc. I will never regret staying home to see first hand all my first born's firsts. Haha

The past few month I've missed the the nursing career I built and decided to return to the work force. Since I started my job search I've been in a rush to be mentally prepared I've reviewed my nursing text book and some CEU's to get myself up to speed. It still give my nerves a little jiggle. Here I come world, are you ready for me?

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