Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Do you know how you can tell you're spending habits have changed? I realized that today. These days when I go through a store I find myself hesitant to buy something if I know it's cheaper at another store or if I have a coupon at home. I've also gotten mad at myself if I leave my coupons at home and I miss a great opportunity.

I'm no where near the level of the ladies you see on TV. To be honest I wouldn't want to be. I do feel that I've learned enough to know when I should or shouldn't buy something. I've also learned not to send my hubby to the store unless it's something that I would rarely get a deal on or if I'm desperate.

Do you have a family budget? Do you coupon? How long did it take to get over the learning curve? I found help at The Coupon Project, where did you go?

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