Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toddler Proof Wall Decals

Do you rent? We do. When my hubby was chosen for these new orders we agreed to rent a place until we knew for sure that we would settle down here. We didn't want to go through the rush of trying to sell like we had to with this last move. That was WAY too much stress and I don't even want to get into the crap our house is worth now because of the economy.  So now we're renting. One reason I was sad to move was because I took time to decorate the baby's room.  I love how it turned out and I made sure it wasn't obnoxiously girly.

Even though we have to rent I still wanted my little girl to have a beautiful room full of color were she would want to spend her time dreaming and discovering.  The down side was since this was a rental I wouldn't be able to just paint like I did at our last house.  So I found the next best thing.  At one of the discount sites I frequent, Zulily I found these decals that I could put on the walls to decorate.  I finished putting them up yesterday and I LOVE them.  I was concerned that they wouldn't come off without leaving adhesive on the walls or take off paint.  I moved a couple of pieces while I was putting them up and this morning I found a few stuck to her bedding.  When she woke up she must have peeled them off.  Two were stuck to each other, one was on her shirt and the other on her bed.

Usually, those would be in the trash can.  Not these, I just peels them off, took of as much lint as I could and stuck them back on the walls.  Yeah!  They're even toddler proof!  I randomly see them on different discount sites so if you happen to run across them.  They're great and you don't have to be stuck with white walls anymore!


  1. Very cute! We don't rent, but I still think I'd like this anyhow. I'm too lazy to paint my kids' rooms.

  2. @Grumpy Grateful Mom They definitely make things easier to decorate. I love the fact that I can move them and they stay sticky.


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