Monday, October 17, 2011

Childhood Memories

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I came across some video clips of a Comedy Special called, Stand Up For Family.  It's a showcase that every member of your family can enjoy by comedians like Bill Bellamy, Rodney Perry, Mark Viera, Donnell Rawlings and Tony Roberts. The showcase follows American Family Insurance's commitment to supporting the lives of their customers, no matter how old they are.

I especially liked Bill Bellamy's clips.  His clips brought me back to my childhood!  They made me laugh so hard I was crying!  When I was a kid we had to use our imagination to make the day fun and keep us occupied.  We didn't have toys or games that did everything for us.  His Still Free clip talks about childhood just like I remember it.

Now that I am a mother I think back to my own childhood memories more frequently.  I grew up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania and I will always remember fondly the neighborhood I grew up in.  I loved that the whole street had unfenced backyards where all the children of the neighborhood could play.   I remember heading back there playing pretend games with each other like hide and go seek, freeze tag, and red light yellow light green light.  My favorite part of the neighborhood was the creek that ran underneath the street.  We played with toy boats, tried to catch tad poles and even looked for sunken treasure.  

I love that AmFam has a show like this available as a family friendly event.  It's hard enough finding things to do together that's also appropriate for little kids like Izzy.  It would be a great way to show Izzy the games that mommy used to play when I was her age.  Our games got us outside and running around instead of sitting down and giving our thumbs a workout.  What fond memories do you have as a kid?  Was it the games?  The neighborhood?  Join in on the conversation.

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