Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MIA from Blogland

What a week!  I've been caught up with my family that I neglected my blog.  That's ok in my book because isn't this what my blog is about, my family?  My hubby took a rare opportunity to take a week off.  My SIL is having her first baby and we planned to take a family road trip up to northern Cali to attend.  IT was a huge headache planning the logistics of driving on an 8 hour trip with a toddler that hasn't really been traveling.  An adventurous gamble, I know!  Since I am a SAHM we had to figure out how to get us up there without breaking our bank account.  I could not believe the prices of renting a car, well SUV for all the "stuff" we had to bring with us.  Over $400 after taxes and insurance.  Yes, could could have gotten away with a smaller car but packing (Izzy's stuff), all the baby stuff we were giving my SIL and us I didn't want to be crammed on that long drive.  Turns out I didn't have to worry.  I was sick the entire previous week and the night before I our planned trip, a huge storm rolled in.  It rained HARD for almost the whole week.  We ended up canceling our road trip but the bright side of it was we had hubby for a whole week.

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