Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sharing Precious Moments

Copyright National Geographic
One of my treasured memories growing up, was when I watched National Geographic with my dad. I remember sitting with him as a little girl watching programs about lions, sharks and well, the world. I believe those precious moments impacted the very core of my personality. They taught me to respect the wild and developed my ability to empathize with animals, nature and other people.

I loved all kinds of nature programming even though they didn't offer silly songs or dancing cartoon characters. Actually, in most nature shows the speaker's voice is more on the boring side. Picture the teacher's voice in Ferris Buller's Day Off.

Copyright National Geographic
Why bring this up? This memory is so dear to me that I decided to share that experience with Izzy. I chose kid friendly programs and I was able to turn it into a vocabulary lesson. I pointed out animals like birds, elephants, lions, and pigs during the show. I was then able to tie in words she hears at home like "Do you see the pig sleeping?" Afterwards instead of reading the story in her books, I pointed to drawn versions of the animals on the show. These days, she would rather point out to objects to name than listen to the whole story.

My hope is that she learns to love and respect nature and all the creatures in it like I did. Did you share something with your child that your mom or dad shared with you growing up?

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  1. That's a great way to teach little ones about nature! It's funny you wrote about this because we didn't watch TV much when I was a kid, but I was just talking to my sister yesterday about my Dads collection of National Geographic magazines and how fun they were to look through=)

    Good times!


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