Monday, September 26, 2011

Only 40 Calories?

As luck would have it, as a BzzAgent I signed up for a Nature's Own campaign and was chosen to participate. They sent over a coupon to try out a free loaf to see what our family thought about it.   What? Free food and it's something I have to buy for Izzy?!? Umm, yes I'll try it out. One of the breads they offer is a 40 calorie 9-Grain bread made with no artificial preservative, colors or flavors.

Last week, she kept saying something that sounded like "bed" and I couldn't figure out what she wanted. She just kept asking for "more bed peess mama".  I knew she wanted something but with every wrong guess I made her voice just became more insistent and frantic.  Mommy just wasn't getting it and after 10 minutes she was in full tantrum mode and wailing because she wanted "bed" and I had no idea what she was talking about. I finally picked her up and asked her to show me. She pointed in a direction and at each juncture she pointed which way she wanted me to turn. Her directions sent me down the hall from her room, down stairs, through the living room, into the kitchen and ended with me standing in front of the kitchen counter.  Once there she pointed to the bread laying on the counter and she "bed".

Me: "OH! You want some BRRREAD."
Izzy: "bed"
Me: "No, baby it's brrrreeaad".
Izzy: ""brrrred"
Me: (close enough) "Good job, That's right it's bread.  You can have some if you sit down."

It turns out that she loves eating the 40 calorie 9-Grain Nature's Own bread loaf I picked up.  If she had to choose between gold fish, fruit snacks or bread, this week she would pick the bread.  She loves having a slice for a snack and only wants to eat it plain.  I tried putting peanut butter and jam on it and ended up getting the stink eye from her.  The funny thing is that I was the same growing up.  I loved eating the soft bread slices plain too!  It makes me smile finding out she has one of my little quirks!

Likes: It's made with whole wheat and barley flour, contains 2% or less of sugar, the slices are soft and don't taste grainy, only 40 calories a slice, price range is from  $2.29-$2.49.
Dislikes: none yet, I have to see if it's available at most supermarkets or just a select few.

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