Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cardio Monday at Stroller Strides

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Yesterday was cardio Monday at Stroller Strides.  Last Monday was my first day working out and it tough with a capital "T".  I was felt like I was loosing my breath during the warm up and a few times during the work out I felt the urge to vomit.  Sounds delicious, doesn't it?  It was much tougher than I was expecting and I had thoughts that it was too tough for me to continue.  What changed my mind were the other moms in the group.  Throughout the workout the other moms came up to me to introduce themselves and encourage me to continue.  I felt that this was a great group of women that were friendly and supporting.  What better way to get in shape and possibly make friends for both Izzy and myself?

If I had to compare how I did yesterday with last Monday I am pleased to announce that I saw HUGE improvements.  I set my goal to jog through the entire workout.  I didn't reach that but I jogged through 75% of it.  Improvement!  Last Monday I mostly walked.  I didn't feel like throwing up during the workout.  Improvement! 

My problems with the workout are mainly from my injury.  I recently hurt my right elbow from lifting Izzy and it hasn't quite healed from repeat use.  There was an exercise with the resistance band were we extend our forearm above our head to work the triceps muscle.  It was really difficult to get past a 90 degree angle with my right side.  It felt especially weak and fragile.  I think from now on I'll bring my elbow brace to give that side some added support until it's healed. 

Another problem I had is that I let Izzy out of the stroller too soon.  The previous week some of the toddlers were out playing during abs and I thought that she would get in more play time with the other kids if I let her out.  Well, instead of playing she decided to lay on my back while I was trying to do a push up and plank.  That's one way to get more resistance.  Unfortunately, she would also jump on my back or crawl underneath me.  That's an easy fix though by leaving her in the stroller until we're done.  She's been really good so far hopefully she'll keep that up.

As far as results?  The number on the scale hasn't changed but my clothes do feel more loose.  The shorts I always wear were starting to feel too tight to wear comfortably and I was looking for a larger size.  By the end of last week they started to fit again.  So no new clothes unless it's a smaller size.

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  1. Sounds like things are going good! I really want to start going, but everything is so hectic right now (starting the GAPS nutritional diet)that I'm not thinking i'll be doing it until die-off symptoms pass =( Hope i'll get over there some time soon though!


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