Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Step Back or Forward?

Last night was my fourth night at weaning Izzy from the middle of the night nursing.  On the third night there was no crying or asking for the boob she just had a little trouble falling back to sleep.  I was hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that last night would be at least the same or better.   I was sadly mistaken.  I recently put my foot down to wean Izzy by her second birthday which is less than a month away.  The only times she nurses is before bed, before a nap and during the night.   You can read about the first, second and third days here. 

For some reason she was having trouble staying asleep and falling asleep.  Okay she was having trouble sleep.  Since everything trickles down the same hill I in turn, also didn't sleep.  Last night was the first night I started feeling a little frustrated with the whole process.  I know I should consider the progress she did make.  I guess to me it was steps backward and I don't want to go back to night time feedings.

Let me explain.  No, she didn't get the boob last night but all my tricks for putting her to sleep wasn't working.  I held her, laid down with her, sat in the rocker with her, rubbed her back, etc.  It seems like the only way she was able to sleep was being held upright and that wasn't comfortable.  I really couldn't tell you how much sleep we were actually getting I was in a constant zombie state and I still feel like I am.  The only positive is that it wasn't a constant ear piercing cry like it was on the first night and she still didn't nurse last night.  Please, oh please let tonight be better.  An hour of sleep here and there isn't enough for me.  Wish me luck mommas!  I'll NEED it. 

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