Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day Downtown

We spent our afternoon and the New Children's Museum here in San Diego.  This is our second time visiting and it's been a few months since we were there last.  You can read about that here.  It's nestled in downtown San Diego and the place has three levels.  The general concept is it's a place where children of all ages can learn by doing.  There are arts and crafts on each floor and you don't have to worry about them touching any of the exhibits.

Today was short visit so Izzy and my nephew Nate could burn some of their never ending energy and get out of the house.  Out of all the exhibits they spent their time at the toy animals, the block table, bubble station and the rain house.  The rain house was the best part.  The floor is covered with foam mats and it's completely empty inside.  The kiddos were able to run around like little crazy people and since the house pipes out the sound of rain their screaming and laughter didn't bother anyone.

The down side is that it's a little pricey.  Just for the entrance and parking for one adult and one child was $20.  The same goes for the coffee/snack bar.  It's a great place to experience but there are so many place in San Diego for her to burn her energy that aren't as expensive.

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