Friday, February 11, 2011

The New Children's Museum San Diego

3rd floor play area
If you ever find yourself in Southern California and you are looking for a kid friendly place for your child to have a blast.  I suggested checking out The New Children's Museum in San Diego.  My family headed there today with Izzy in tow.  My daughter Isabel or Izzy for short turned 17
months yesterday and my husband and I decided to take her someplace new today to celebrate.  It's open every day except Wednesday and the 2nd Sunday's are free.  The admission is reasonable it is $10 per person and $5 for military.  I have to warn you, the name seems a bit deceptive.  It seemed more to me like a discovery center then a museum, so don't expect traditional exhibits. 

market/grocery area
This place has three levels of fun.  The bottom level has a jump for joy in the shape of a tunnel, easels for coloring and an imagination area with dress up hats and fun house mirrors.  The second level has a cafe, market/grocery area with props, musical tubes, two dress up play area, and an arts and crafts area with supplies ranging from chalk to clay.  There is also a self propelled cart area.  Izzy is way too young to try
Izzy showing her "ta-daa"trick in the cafe
these out but I was eying them very closely.  Alas, we were there for my daughter so mommy "just said no" to taking one of those babies for a whirl.  The cafe offered sandwiches, coffee, juice, chips, cookies etc.  However, if you have time to plan before you stop by, plan to bring food.  The cafe was WAY overpriced.  We spent $25 for two sandwiches, two bags of chips and a chocolate milk.  For that price I would expect something more substantial. 

Rain house
The third floor has a few interesting things.  There is a bubble station on the patio with multiple bubble solution and "make it yourself" bubble makers.  The bubble makers were just pieces of tube cleaners twisted into shapes.  At least I think that's what they are called.  There is a "rain forest" house.  Inside there is the sounds of the rain forest playing with a foam matted area for the kids to run and play in.  Izzy spent her time just running from one side of the house to the other.  There is also a huge table filled with different kinds of toy blocks.  Both Izzy and my hubby had fun building together while I was hunting for the best shot.  The third floor also has access into a Trojan Horse Model and a rope climbing area. 
table of blocks

My thoughts about The New Children's Museum are a thumbs up!  If you're child is at least able to stand and sit unassisted then they will have a great time there.  The more mobile they are the more activities they will be able to join in.  Izzy was able to run around and explore every spot.  For the price, it was worth it.  She was excited and engaged the entire time we were there and she used up enough energy to knock out on the way home.  I hope this "review" helped out.  Add a comment if you've been there with your experience.

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