Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stink Eye

I have a confession to make.  I realized that I've been doing the "stink eye" more frequently than I should.  My husband gives my daughter ice cream right before bedtime?  Stink Eye!  Some one pushes their way through the door while I'm in the middle of it holding my daughter in my arms?  Stink Eye!  The neighbor's car alarm goes off for the 10th night in a row waking my daughter up?  Stink Eye!  Some manic thinks driving offensively means to weave in an out of traffic narrowly making the lane changes?  Stink Eye!  A child bullies my child while the parents don't lift a finger to correct their behavior?  Stink Eye!

I'm sure you get the idea.  My stink eye usually comes out when I'm faced with people that are clueless or just pain rude.  When it comes to my daughter the mama bear in me takes offense.  Although, lately I wonder if I've been letting the stink eye out more frequently.  Should I be more direct and tell the other person what I'm thinking rather than throwing them the stink eye? 

Take the example of the child bully.  The last time I was at Java Mama I came across a little girl that picked on my daughter the entire time we were there.  She tried to take toys away or push her way in to play with something.  Keep in mind that she was around 5-6 and my daughter is 22 months.  I gave her mother a chance to say something then I was the referee.  I kept saying the "share", "take turns" and "she's littler than you" comments.  The whole time waiting for her parents to jump in and do something.  Should I have taken a direct approach and asked her parents to discipline her child rather than throwing them the stink eye?  What are your two cents?


  1. After children your tolerance for people is limited. I found that. I just don't hold my tounge... The 'stink eye' is way more appropriate when you have a little one around. My biggest is the door- when some plows through or when they let it close on me and the two kids...ugh! I have a difficult time keeping my mouth closed. Really how could they not see you?!

    I have had a run in with a child bully... Addison is so sweet and plays so well with other children. And during a playdate (at the time Addison 2 1/2 and the other girl 4 1/2) this 'other' little girl pushed, took toys, pulled Addison around by the arm and the mom was oblivious to what her daughter was doing- to busy cahtting with other moms while I babysat three kids (Jackson was just crawling). Finally I grabed my two kids and told the mom you next time tyou invite us over for a playdate you may want to watch *your* child play... she is kinda ruff when she knows you are not watching. As leaving I asked her if she enjoyed her chat and the next time I am going to charge for my services. Needless to say we have never been invited over again. Good thing because now Jackson would be the bully- but I watch my children... even during playdate in our house.

    Great post! (now that I am done venting)

    ~mommysankey @ Surviving Motherhood

  2. Never thought much about the stinkeye, but I guess as moms we all do it!

  3. @mommysankey Thank you for stopping by my blog to comment. I have more of a problem speaking up when I should, which leads to stink eye. Even though there aren't more play dates with that mommy at least you opened her eyes a little. That's also one of my pet peeves when mommies bring their kids to play and "check out" from watching them.

    @Mom of 12 Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Stink eye for me is more about wanting the parents to do something but not speaking up about it. Holding things in may not always be the right choice.


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