Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Than One

Izzy just turned 20 months and we have been throwing back and forth the idea of trying for another baby. When I was pregnant with Izzy my sister and my cousin all shared that experience together and delivered our first born within months of each other. I was able to see and hear the growing pains my cousin went through learning to be a parent. In some ways that helped me prepare for the coming of my own child. My sister also benefited from my cousin's and my perspective before my nephew made his appearance. Personally, I think she was in a better position delivering last and she saved tons of money not buying baby products that don't work.

My hubby and I both want more children but our question is when. My cousin already gave birth to her 2nd girl a few months ago and my sister is half way through her pregnancy with her 2nd boy. Should we "jump on the bandwagon" for our #2? Personally, there are three things that are stopping me. First is that we're moving to another state in five months and I really don't want to be PREGNANT and moving a household. Second, I would love to go back to work. I became a nurse for a reason and even though I am enjoying the time as a SAHM I miss working with patients. Third, Izzy at a point that she is starting to become more independent and sleeping longer hours through the night. I like sleep and I missed not having it for over a year.

Do you have more than one? What prompted you to expand? A happy accident or was it a planned decision? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have two beautiful girls that are 2 years apart. I can't say that #2 was "planned", but she was a happy "surprise". I really love having two, even though I doubted I would get my second after a complicated pregnancy and labor with #1. In the end i'd say to do what feels right for your family and do it when you are ready =)


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