Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UTC Play Area

UTC train ride
Last week almost ever day we tried to do something out of the house.  Due to the rain we basically toured the different malls (indoor and outdoor) that San Diego had to offer.  It wasn't much but it was nice to get out of the house as a family.  We also were able to let Izzy experience 2 new things.  UTC (University Town Center Mall) in La Jolla has a play area that's not too bad but I would have excepted the upkeep better because of the area.  If you're not familiar with La Jolla, it's a more expensive neighborhood to live in.  They did have a miniture train ride that I took her on.  I think the idea was great but the ride itself wasn't.  First, the boy sitting behind us was screaming bloody murder from the moment it took off.  It was freaking all the other kids until the conductor stopped long enough to let him off.  Second, it went pretty fast with sharp, jarring turns.  Even with the belt if I wasn't sitting in front of her using my knees to lock her into place she would had fallen off.  I was even feeling the effects in my neck and feeling a little motion sick.  The play area was grubby.  The mall itself is outdoors so it's exposed to San Diego weather which is generally pretty mild.  Almost all of the features in the play area the wear and tear was easily visible. There was holes and dirt on ever piece.  I was pretty disappointed considering it was a nice mall in an upscale part of town.  I expected that they would keep up with the maintenance.  Izzy had a blast though.  Kids just don't think of all the dangers or yuckies that adults do.  She was having fun watching the big kids run around.  She was particularly drawn to the same blue car.  It was more worn down than the brown one.  The steering wheel was gone and there was  a huge hole in the seat but that was she go to.  All and all not a bad play area but it could have been better and cleaner.

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