Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Parkway Plaza

Tot Lot
Parkway Plaza is one of the few indoor malls in San Diego.  It doesn't typically rain often and when it does not for long.  Most of the malls are outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather.  When it does rain there are 3 indoor malls, Paradise Valley, Parkway Plaza and North County Fair.  On one of the heavier rain days we packed up Izzy and headed there.  It has three great places for the kiddos. The Tot lot is enclosed by a small wall and there are a few animal shapes that they can climb on, a few wall puzzles.  Izzy is shown at one of them.  It's not huge but a nice spot that moms and sit and relax while they're child plays.  Right next to it is a coin operated spot for motorized train, sports car and one other piece which I don't remember.  On the other side of the tot lot is the second kid friendly area.

This spot is for bigger kids.  Izzy's too young to try it out but I'll describe it for those that are interested.  It's a fenced in area with big motorized animals that you can ride on.  As an adult these  ride come up to about your hip.  Correction, I'm 5'1" so they come up to my hip.  There were no seat belts that I could see but a handle to hold on to at the base of the animal's neck.  There is a vendor that you need to pay before riding. 

The mall also has a merry-go-round.  It's a two story merry-go-round that is near the front of the mall.  It cost $3 for my to take Izzy and it would have been $5 for my hubby to come with us.  He opted for camera and stroller duty.  She had a blast!  There are seat belts attached to each animal but for added safety I held on to her.  From the moment I put her on she kept trying to pet the kangaroo.  The ride was great not to fast or jarring that would make her sick.  She was smiling the whole time and hugging the kangaroo. 

The best part was that my hubby and I were both able to see her first ride.

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