Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mean Mommy

What do you do when your bundle of love refuses to take a nap?  It's a vicious circle isn't it?  Depending on their age, babies need at least 2-3 hours of nap time a day.  Mommies you know if your little one misses nap time then they just get to a point that they are frustrated unable to unwind.  If your little on is SO busy playing and exploring that she doesn't want to stop to sleep what do you do?  I would said that my technique changes, daily.  A lot has to do with what's going on and how Izzy is reacting.  Today, I just about had it with the consta-whine. 

So I pulled out "Mean Mommy" and put up all her toys, books, puzzles, etc. out of her reach in her room.  Closed the door and laid down on her bed while she banged on the door, cried and whined for her toys.  I repeated two phrases "No, it's nap time" and "Do you want me to call daddy?"  Yes, I threaten to call her daddy in, hey it works.  It took a little bit of time but she eventually came over to cuddle with me, nursed and is now sleeping peacefully.  I say, whatever works and as long as she gets a nap then I'm happy.  What are your tips when your little is about to blow? 


  1. When Piper went through her stubborn phase I would hold her and sway while singing her favorite songs (like when she was a baby). The comfort is all that worked and it worked quick!

    Thankfully that phase is far behind us and now she falls to sleep by just about anything we do quitely, our favorite is reading Alice in Wonderland- about 6-10 pages in and she is out=)

  2. @CaveGirl That's great that she's able to sit through 6-10 pages of a story. Izzy wants me to read her a story and really enjoys picking out the book and sitting down to read but can only make it through two pages before she takes over.


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