Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Art of Touch

I personally believe that simply touching your child makes a huge difference.  That's a pretty generic statement don't you think?  I'm sure mommies out there are thinking to themselves, "Well, duh!"  What I mean is that I can see the impact even small touches mean to my child.  A pat on the head, the cheek, the hand or whatever body part engages her and she stops to give me eye contact.  I guess you could say that I categorize my parenting style more along the attachment theory.  I co-slept, baby wore, breastfed and I'll even throw in being a SAHM by choice too.  I'm not going to get on a soap box and lecture how you should do it.  I'm just giving my two cents on how I did it. 

She's at the age that it's easier for her to express her feelings and I can see it.  She lights up every time I give her kisses, hug her and basically interact with her.  I love it!  I love seeing her attention fixed on me while she tries to sound out the words I speak or how she jumps on my stomach to get my attention.  I love her baby babble nonsense while she's trying to tell mommy something.  I love how she says "tank too" when she's really trying to say "thank you".  Or how she's starting to say "cheez" when she's trying to repeat "please". 

I especially feel fortunate that I was able to breastfeed her and that I am still able to breastfeed her.  I can not express how close I feel to my little girl with all these one on one times to hold her hand, stare into her eyes, pat her bottom, and smell her toes.  That last one cracks her up for some reason. Where are I going with this post?  This post is all about how much I LOVE being a mommy and cuddling (touching) my child EVERY chance I get.  What little moments have made you stop and reflect on what it's like for you to be a mommy?  Join in on the conversation.

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