Friday, February 4, 2011

Newbie Extraordinaire

So I'm getting into this blogging thing during my random spare moments while Izzy is napping or otherwise engaged.  I joined this great site Mom Bloggers Club there I'm been able to see some pretty great looking sites.
Unfortunately, I suck at html, blogging and otherwise techy stuff.  I'm a registered nurse by trade so if you have a cut I can wipe out my trusty utility belt and slap a bandage on the offending slice faster than you can say "ouch". Blood, guts and gore doesn't phase me and I've encountered more offending odors than I can count.  These skills don't help me in the world of blogging.  Fonts, badges, and more are making my head spin.  It's a good thing the Blogger already has present templates otherwise this page would look really ugly.  Pfft!  It's work in progress, please excuse the mess.  Thanks for stopping by!

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