Thursday, August 2, 2012

Child Care Woes

Transitioning back into a working mom came with a few obstacles.  Child care was the biggest one I had to overcome.  We no longer live close to family so searching for the right person to watch my only child with the schedule I have took plenty of patience and persistence.  I thought I was good to go.  I had a full time day care center for the week and someone else for the weekends.  What I didn't think of was who to turn to during unexpected times when either of those two options were not available.

Late last night I received a call from the day care letting me know they had to close down for a possible mold found in one of the rooms.  My weekend care works for another family during the week and I didn't have a back up put in place.  My only option was to call in and let staffing know I wouldn't be at work.  Even though I have a legitimate reason I know it doesn't look good at all.

Today I received another call from the day care that they will be closed for a little over a week.  That means I have 3-4 work days coming up that I have to find an alternate plan.  Right now my game plan is to try to swap my shifts for the weekend so I can use my weekend person.  My second option is to start interviewing new people for those days.

Have you dealt with a similar problem?  How did you handle it?

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