Thursday, November 17, 2011

Over the Hump

I just have to share this.  Do you know those motorized rides you see at the supermarket or the mall?  They look like little cars or boats that you have to pop in some quarters for them to start.  They just rock back and forth and play sounds.  Until today Izzy has been deathly afraid of them.  She'll jump on to play with the steering wheel but will completely freak out and scream once those quarters go in.  I've tried a few times as she got older and older hoping that she'll like them one day.  Well, today was the day folks!  We went to Everett Mall for the first time since we've been here and I took her to the tot play area.  Wasn't interested.  She kept pointing at the motorized car and asked to "ride".  For the heck of it I put in the quarters and she LOVED it!  Wanted to keep going for another 3 rides.  Paint me shocked folks!  I don't know what hump she had to get over before she started liking it but she's all for those coin rides now.  Too bad it take 75 cents for a 1-2 minutes ride.

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