Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Toys

Personally, I think today's toys do too much.  Walking through the aisles at the toys store most of the toys I see are battery operated and play music or make some sort of sound.  When I was a kid, the toys we had made us use our imagination.  They didn't do anything special unless we invented a story ourselves.  As a parent, I try to balance the "old school" toys with the "new school" toys.  The ironic thing is that at her age she easily grows tired of them.

This morning I found a great toy accidentally.  A package arrived with a strip of packing bubbles.  I laid the strip down on the floor and she's been playing tea party on it for the past 20 minutes.  Or she'll run up and down the strip screaming.  She's not heavy enough to make them pop but I think she likes the texture under her feet.  Hey, I'm a mom on a budget.  If I can find something that peaks her interest and saves my wallet I'm all for it.  What about you?  Did you stubble upon a random household item that your kids went gaga for?  Join in on the conversation.


  1. Oh my god yes!! lol My daughter loves her toys, don't get me wrong but I think I see her playing with the cheapie items tha aren't actually toys just as often as the other toys!

    She likes to play with my brush if I leave it lying around. She likes to play with tubes like lotion and the tylenol bottle. She likes to play with the tv remote and wii remote to. Oh... and more than anything she LOVES turning our xbox 360 on and off. The sound/light entertains her as it goes on and then off. I don't let her play with it though LOL But if she could she'd play with it for hours.

    A second to the xbox would be her stuffed animals though. :) But with all her toys she uses an imagination. I wish I knew what her baby talk was because she talks and talks and clanks and crawls everywhere with them.

  2. That's awesome! Bubble wrap, boxes, pots/pans... the best toys out there!

  3. cute post! My daughter loves the bubble wraps too! She like to pop them! She rather play with a water bottle than her toys!


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    @Manda-Nicole Izzy loves b=playing with bottles and remotes too. She knows which button in the power button and aims it right at the TV to turn it on.

    @Kelli In the kitchen there are "safe" cabinets that she can go into like where all the Tupperware is. At least that way she can pretend without me having to worry too much about her.

    @Angie These were the heavy duty packing bubbles. I was even able to run along the strip without them popping.

  5. I was in the store a few weeks ago, and this little girl held out her bubble wrap for me to pop. Of course, I obliged. It was too cute!


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