Friday, July 15, 2011

A Look Back - Stroller Strides

So my first week of Stroller Strides is complete and I must say I feel REALLY good. I think I was at a point in my fitness, or lack of it, that I was lazy to do anything. I didn't want to go anywhere nice because that would mean I would have to go clothes shopping. After one of those I am always in a funk. I hate looking at how nothing fits nice on me and how my post baby belly still makes me look pregnant in some styles.

I stay up late last night reading and was seriously thinking of skipping today's workout. The only thing that got me out the door was thinking about how I've felt after I started working out. I feel more energized and accomplished that I finally doing something about my body.

For mommas out there that feel the same I say it's worth trying it out. There are locations all over and my favorite part is that I'm able to bring Izzy. The babies are entertained watching the group work out, they socialize with each other and work on separation anxiety. Our instructor Branda sings songs, pulls out puppets or bubbles to keep them happy while you're sweating off last night's dessert.

The first session is free so call Branda and tell her I sent you over. If you're not local then check out the site to find one. You have nothing to loose except the baby weight.

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