Thursday, July 14, 2011


We used to use a booster seat for Izzy during meal times. We loved the Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat because it was portable and easy to carry. This past month or so Izzy has been fighting the time she spends in that chair. No, we don't strap her down and walk away. I'm talking about in less then 10 minutes she's pulling on the seat belt repeating "down" over and over again.

I recently found a product that raises the entire chair. I've had the KABOOST for about a month and I can officially say that I love it. It's not a high chair or a booster seat that you strap to the chair. It's a spring loaded booster that goes under the chair legs to raise the entire chair. After reading the reviews online and watching the videos I purchased it through amazon for around $35.

There are two sides that raises the chair different heights. Each side has a non-slip grip that prevents the chair from moving. The grips works so well that you can't slide the chair at all. If you want to reposition the chair you have to lift it completely off the floor to move it. I was a little concerned that the chair wouldn't be stable once it's lifted. When it's on the chair it widens the base so unless Izzy pushes her legs against the table it doesn't move. She can climb up onto the chair pulling on the back for leverage and it doesn't budge. The legs are spring loaded and I was able to fit it on to our chairs, my sister's and mom's chairs and also the ones at a coffee shop. It folds down pretty compact and I was able to fit it into a small tote to carry with me.
The up side is that she's more willing to go to "her" chair and climb into it without much hassle. She's at the point that she wants the same type of chair, fork, spoon, plate and cups that mommy and daddy use. After using the KABOOST there isn't too much of a fight to have her sit in her chair. The down side is that she's not strapped in. So I have to be extra careful when she tries to stand up in the in chair. It's not a chair that you can step away from your child. I think this would work well with older children that are able to sit still in their chair. Or for toddlers like my daughter that fight a standard booster seat, constantly.

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