Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Military Wife's Life

I've been SO stressed out this my hubby's next command, specifically the lack of information about it.  We've gone through three different command selections since we said "I do". I have to say that this one has been the most stressful.  The plans keep changing.  Yes, yes I know that I should expect that from the military.  First we wanted to go to Japan and we got selected for Hawaii.  Then we lost Hawaii and got selected for WA.  Then we might loose WA and go to D.C.  Now have NO idea when we're supposed to leave or where.  No orders yet and we're supposed to go somewhere by June.  I have a feeling that a month before we have to be there it's all going to drop in our lap. 

The stressful part of this is that it's not just us anymore.  There's the matter of finding a day care, a pediatrician, dog friendly house, potential jobs for me and so on and so on.  I feel the urge to research all this so we're prepared when we get there.  It feel so frustrating.  There's a lot of work that goes into relocating a family of three to a different state and it feels like time is running out and my hands are tied.  I don't know where we're going and when we have to be there.  Even if I did I can book anything until the papers come in.  Grrr!  I  heard that the orders are being given out later and later.  Are any other military moms going through this right now?

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