Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photography 102

At Barnes & Nobles
Tv 1/80 Av 4.0 ISO 400
I got SO much out of this class.  I actually know what the heck all the buttons are on my camera.  I can say that I now know what aperture, Fstop, ISO and shutter speed mean.  The first, second and third time I heard those words, my brain wondered for a bit.  It was a big HUH?  It was a deer in the headlights moment for  me.  No, I'm not proud of that.  What was the point of having a $300 camera and only using the automatic function.  Actually, it was a little sad that I was telling my camera to do everything for me and my pictures still came out crappy.

In my last few posts I've been writing about photography classes through San Diego Photography Classes.  The 101 class is about ways to make your pictures interesting.  While this one was all about how to use your camera.   Hallelujah!  The price of the class is $50, which is not bad considering the amount of information that was coveredIt was also a hands on class so after each topic we tried it out.  The class covered not only how to use your camera but also how to adjust it to correct potential bad pictures.  Your child is running around the house like a mad man with his diaper in his hand.  No problem, you'll learn how to take incriminating photos to show at his wedding. (Insert evil laugh)  You're inside your house and you keep getting a dark face or whited out face with the flash.  No problem, the class covers that too.
Shooting through the back of a chair
Tv 1/15 Av 4.5 ISO 400
Jason is funny, energetic, knowledgeable, patient and explains things in a easy to understand way.  I don't want this to go to his head if he's reading this post. tee-hee.  I do want you San Diego mommies to check out the class.  It's worth the money and afterward you will know how to use your camera.  When I got home and told my hubby about it he signed up for the 101 &102 this Sat.  He's also hinting at upgrading my camera to a better one.  I personally think he's only saying that so he'll have one to use too.  LMAO!

If you are interested click on the link for his site and let him know that I sent you down. Personally, I think I'm either going to take the "Taking Better Photos Outdoors" or the "Headshot and Portrait" next.

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