Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photography 101

Depth of Field
San Diego mommies do you want to take better pictures of your friends, families and what ever else that catches your eye?  Do you have a camera that you really don't know what all the buttons are for?  Are you a point and shoot photographer that hopes the picture comes out presentable?  I was.  Heck, I didn't even use a real camera I was using my cell phone.  I don't know about you but I wanted to take nicer pictures of my daughter while she was still a baby.  I found a reasonably priced photography class through meetup which I wrote about here.

On Saturday, March 5 I went to the 101 class.  Let's just say I LOVED it!  The class had about 15 students with a few no shows.  The instructor was Jason Kirby, he is a professional photographer with years of teaching experience through Ritz Camera and his own company San Diego Photography Class.  Check out his full profile here.  The class was $10, that's it!  He's teaching style was up beat with a few "jokes" thrown in.  Although, I think most of those jokes were unintentional.  It was engaging so I didn't fall asleep with the lights off and the power point going.  Mind you I went into the class sleep deprived and with no coffee on board.  He is very thorough explaining topics and doesn't hesitate stop and go over topics.

The class was broken down into theory and hands on.  After the topics were covered we went out and tried  them out. The class broke down how "point and shoot" pictures are taken and how you can bring an artistic edge to them.  If you want the nitty gritty, the picture should tell a story and make you look at it twice.  Even if I only took this class I definitely brought back a new way of approaching my camera.  I added a few pictures from the class to this post.  My two cents, this class was worth it.  I would definitely take more classes with them.

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