Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little Quirks

While I was pregnant my husband's friend told me about her daughter's little quirk.  While she was falling asleep she would always reach up and rub her mom's ear.  That pleasant image stayed with me during my pregnancy and filled me with hopes of similar moments of tenderness between my daughter and I.

My little girl also had her quirk right out of the womb.  She is undeniably a boob woman/girl/baby.  I didn't know there were boob girls until she pooped out.  Aah yes, during sweet mother/daughter moments while I'm nursing she reaches her tiny hand up to start stroking my other breast.  Get your head out of the gutter, it's not perverted!  While I look down to my peaceful nursing baby her little pudgy hand strokes my other breast and then it happens. She reaches inside and pinches my nipple.  The pain is immediate, tears fill my eyes and I'm screaming in my head.

The first rule about babies is you never wake a sleeping baby.  The second rule about babies is you never wake a sleeping baby.  No matter how many times I gentle pry her fingers from my lady lumps those darn fingers find away back in. I've tried a hand block, holding onto my own boob, holding her hand, rolling away and nothing works.  She's a boob girl and falls asleep the fastest pinching, twisting and otherwise damaging the goods. 

Being able to nurse her this long has been a blessing having this close private time with my littler girl.  I just want to come out of it with them intact. 

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