Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just When You Relax, Alarm Bells

Babies must have this warning beacon that goes off when mommy is in the middle of something.  Just when you jump in the shower, fall asleep, start going to the bathroom or otherwise preoccupied that's when your bundle of joy wakes up from sleep.  When she was younger I would wait before I do mommy things because I just knew she would wake up any minute.  There was a time when I even pushed back my bed time because she woke up so often that I kinda gave up on sleep.  Yep, I know WHAT was I thinking.  Now that she's a bit older her sleep patterns are a bit more predictable.  I have a general idea when I'll have sometime to myself.  It might be a few minutes here and there through the day but the largest gap is after I put her down for the night. Although, it never fails to amaze me that just when I start to relax, that's when she's up and crying for mommy love.  Sigh... guess I can't help that mommy is "de bestest EVER" to my little girl.

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