Friday, January 21, 2011


In the past few months my little girl is increasingly taking on a personality of her own.  She is showing the capability to figure out what she wants and how to communicate it to others. She excels in how to say "NO" and progressively becomes more insistent if mommy just doesn't get it.  It starts with the shake of a head, then ignoring you, and finally slapping or pushing away the offending object or person.  She's a toddler grown ups should expect frequent "NOs", right?

On the flip side, she's imitating what she sees and incorporates it into her play. Which I might add is super adorable!  She talks into real and toy cell phones (she learned how to call grandma) to carry on in depth conversations all in nonstop baby babble.  When mommy is in the kitchen so is she, pulling out Tupperware, pots, pans, and mixing up a storm at her My Very Own Kitchen.  Imitating has its advantages.  I've taught her how to "brush" her teeth while mommy brushes her teeth and simply convinced her to eat or drink something just because I was. 

My journey as a first time mother has been filled with so many great memories.  I must say toddlerhood is the funniest so far.  Just watching her and her antics makes me chuckle at random moments.

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