Friday, January 20, 2012

New Adventures

The first month of 2012 isn't even over yet and our family already has a number of new adventures waiting for us.  I've been neglecting blog land for a lot of real life juggling.  We've been house hunting and found one that we absolutely love.  So now we're jumping through the fire hoops, dotting all the "i's" and crossing all the "t's" in a race to be ready for closing.

I've been job hunting.  That's right after a year and a half of spending one and one time with my little girl as a stay at home mother I'm ready to rejoin the work force.  I've been pleasantly surprised how easy the process has been to receive endorsement here as well as the overwhelming response to my applications. The first two interviews I had were my top two choices and I received offers from both.  I accepted my first choice which is a job that makes me excited at the prospect to grow in my career.  It also comes with day shift so that made the next piece easy to find.

I found an affordable day care at a fraction of the cost I would spend outside of the military and I am extremely impressed with the facility.  It's not just a day care but they treat it as a school with a curriculum.  Izzy also seemed very interested in the classroom and the instructors when we went for the tour and the orientation.

The last ball was formulating a family budget, learning how to save through couponing and tailoring my spending for the best use of my money.  My favorite site is the The Coupon Project for all the local, realistic "how to" advice.  I've learned a lot and I still feel like i have a lot to learn to make changes.

How has your 2012 been treating you so far?  Any big projects you're working on?

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