Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cooking

My family has this HUGE Christmas Eve tradition.  We get together at my moms house for a Christmas glutton feast! That's the only time I get my mom's famous pot roast (a favorite).  The schedule's changed a bit over the years but it consists of church, family photos and tons and tons of food. This year was going to be a big one since all the babies were going to be there (sister's 2 boys, cousin's 2 girls, cousin's 1 boy, cousin's boy and girl).  We were the only ones not able to make it.  

This was our first Christmas that alone.  This was my first Christmas that I hosted a small dinner and cooked everything all by myself.  We invited over my hubby's cousin and his niece for dinner.  The menu I planned was a 8 lb. roast made with a dry rub, steamed vegetables, scalloped potatoes, rice and blueberry pies for dessert.  I started cooking around noon since everything was for the oven and I have a few dishes to prepare.  I was very pleased how everything turned out.  Next time I would get a bone out roast.  Trying to slice it with the bone in was a pain and the slices came out uneven.  I would get an elevated baking pan so the roast doesn't sit in the fat that comes out.  The fruit pies were easier to serve and cut after they've been refrigerated.  The last thing I would change is when I started cooking the roast.  The guest didn't show up until three hours after I finished cooking and I would have like for them to try it hot instead of microwaved.  How did your Christmas meal turn out? 

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